Kilimanjaro Education Fund for Arusha


KEFA is a charity based in the Esso Parish, Arusha, Tanzania and was set up with the help of Fr. Michael O'Sullivan, a locally based Irish Priest, to help fund children through secondary school. Without the help of KEFA these children would not have the opportunity for education beyond primary level. Following the success of last year's Lunch, Kefa was able to sponsor over 200 pupils who were able to continue their school education and we want to continue this for the year ahead.
All of our expenses are covered by sponsorship, so every penny goes directly to Arusha.

To date KEFA has supported close to 1 thousand children who wished to pursue their education following completion of primary school. Whether they go on to complete secondary school or not, every year they spend in education has the capacity to change their lives immeasurably. We are proud that the expenses we incur do not dilute the donations we receive. Every donation is utilised in full and solely for the education of children in Arusha. While any donation is deeply appreciated, what we really want to do is sign up a core of supporters who will commit to a small monthly standing order. For a monthly contribution of €21, and, with the benefit of tax relief, supporters have the opportunity to change the lives of two aspiring pupils as the fees are less than €200 per year.

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